Brexit Immigration to New Zealand surging

The number of Brits planning immigration to New Zealand has surged since the Brexit vote.  The CNBC financial website video “Invasion of the Brits” video shows the numbers.  The Visa applications to New Zealand has gone through the roof.


The full impact of England’s exit has only just started with the currency falling.  The country financial position is on a knife edge. The UK’s reliance on Europe is definitive. That creates a Catch 22 when you have just jilted your “partner”.  The UK’s constantly falling manufacturing, huge corporate, personal debt levels and a reliance on the financial services industry is not a pretty picture for Briton. As for falling GDP (which now includes provision for prostitution and black markets) numbers are anaemic. London’s bubble level house prices, on the back of loose government “QE” fiscal policy  has now topped out and is falling. The stock markets are in “melt up” mode.  The smart money is taking the profit and leaving.  Going to Spain isn’t looking that good anymore.

The next financial crisis is brewing and not “if”, but when. Deutsche Bank is leading the way with business practises constantly under scrutiny.  The UK’s Banking industry operating under the same schemes will face the same implosion.  China is eating the UK’s lunch in the precious metals markets with physical metal exchanges versus synthetic “paper” markets.  The UK will be left with the toxic Derivatives and financial instruments “leftovers”.

New Zealand is attractive to Brits due to the linked heritage.  About the same size as the UK New Zealand has less than 5 million people and vast resources.  Getting a Visa to New Zealand is getting increasingly harder unless you are well cash up or a skilled worker.  Property prices will continue to increase due to immigration so the time to act is now.  There used to be a saying in NZ, due to large outward immigration in the 80’s and 90’s “last one out, turn the lights off”.  That could well be now applicable to the UK.