China Threatens War as “Inevitable”

Admiral Wu Shengli made definitive remarks during talks between the US and Beijing.

Admiral Shengli said: “If the United States continues with these kinds of dangerous, provocative acts, there could well be a seriously pressing situation between frontline forces from both sides on the sea and in the air, or even a minor incident that sparks war.

“I hope the US side cherishes the good situation between the Chinese and US navies that has not come easily and avoids these kinds of incidents from happening again.”

Naval commander Admiral Wu Shengli told officials that a minor incident could spark a major conflict in the South China Sea.

The remark was made during talks after a US warship sailed close to one of Beijing’s man-made islands in the disputed Spratly archipelago.

Washington official said naval chiefs had agreed to follow protocols in a bid to avoid clashes.

A US Navy spokesman stressed their position that operations were meant to “protect the rights, freedoms, and lawful uses of the sea and airspace guaranteed to all nations under international law”.

As part of its celebration to commemorate the successful victory over Japan in World War II, China sailed five warships to the Bering Sea, off the coast of Alaska, just as Obama was visiting a few hundred miles away.

War between China and the US could spark North Korean to enact their ongoing war threats.  The heightened geopolitical tensions grow in both the Middle East, Ukraine and now the South China sea.

There is no question that power plays and economic pressures are increasing politically motivated actions.