Daily Mail UK article “Super rich buying property New Zealand”

Super Rich are Planning their Lifestyle Insurance

Savill Bay an example of the property being sort by the Super Rich
Savill Bay, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

Back in January 2015, this article about the “Super Rich”, appeared in the Daily Mail, a mainstream UK paper. This was prior to the recent dramatic increase in refugee and economic migrants into Europe and surrounding Nations. The article headline and sub-headlines summarise the key points.

“Where your boss will be come the revolution: ‘Boltholes with airstrips’ in New Zealand that are being bought by world’s super-rich who want a hideout in case of ‘civil uprising’.

The super-rich snapping up luxurious properties in New Zealand – but many don’t plan to move there anytime soon.
Instead, they are holding onto the homes as possible ‘boltholes’, should the west go into meltdown in the future.
Global leaders at Davos hinted they would want an escape route if the poor rose up against the growing super-rich.
New Zealand is rated the third safest country in the world, according to the 2013 Global Peace Index.
The buyers will also get to enjoy some of the world’s best scenery, a great quality of life and a favourable tax system”

By Richard Shears for the MailOnLine (The full article can be read here)

The article covers some prime and beautiful properties. Buying a place, is only part of the total safe haven proposition.  Consideration to the property’s possible development of the onsite sustainability, security and communications need to be considered.

The nature of supermarket style and fuel distribution are now “just in time” operations. Ongoing essential supplies need to be guaranteed to maintain an acceptable standard of life.

Social unrest is rare in New Zealand.  Due to the land mass its takes time for supplies to be distributed. Luckily, when things are going wrong overseas NZ does well based on the mentality of “Kiwi’s”.  If I was still living in London or New York I would be counting “good faith” from my fellow citizens in hours. This was demonstrated in the last riots across the UK in 2011.  Spontaneous looting broke out across all types of suburbs. Super Rich or not that is the simple downside of cities. A US$100m apartment in New York will simply become a not so “safe room” in one of many siege towers.

We are planning on localised supply lines as much out of the “system” as possible.  Oil is a naturally occurring resources but NZ exports most of it, then buys it back refined. .There is actually a local refinery. Biodiesel is locally produced from by-products and works arguably better than the crewed oil based version. For instance we have converted to Biodiesel with an increase in performance at no significant cost premium. NZ is GM free and most locations have locally produced food. We are building the relationships with these suppliers. Our message is; plan to be dependant on as local a supply as possible.  It also helps the immediate local economy thrive.

The other point not covered in this article is the Visa requirements.  Simply buying a property in New Zealand gives no right to a Visa to reside.  You may visit for three months (or up to six months if from the UK) and then must leave.  You cannot visit for more than 9 months in any 18 month period. Expect that window to close quickly when migration and unrest increases.  The other point is, if the property purchased is part of your Visa application (“given” residential address), it does not hold any weight in the Visa application. Hence, Safe Haven has carefully constructed a package which serves more than one role by adding value to New Zealand’s economy, complying with the Investor Visa investment requirements.